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About Us

We believe the status quo for search engines isn't good enough anymore and it's time to challenge the outdated standards they've set that makes them much more like complex advertisement engines than a tool to help you find what is best for you. We're doing things differently and moving in a new direction. While everyone else is complicating things we're making everything simpler for people searching for products and services as well as the businesses offering them.


Predict-it's users expect high quality results fast and don’t want to waste time “searching” through endless links, marketing hype, sponsored ads, or reading mind numbing reviews from people they have nothing in common with. You need a better way to find what you want. That is why we created the Satisfaction Engine® that powers Predict-it®. 


Here is how it works


You search >> You get results ranked by the highest probability of satisfying you >> You’re done.


It’s that simple. 

Predict-it researches over 150 Million reviews from 100+ of the top rating sites in seconds to deliver you personalized satisfaction scores, then we provide you links to all the rating and review sites for each business listing in one place in case you want to read those reviews yourself. Our top users agree that using your highest probability of satisfaction results as the starting point instead of paid ads to research products or services is a refreshing alternative to the status quo of other search engines.