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Yelp Proves Itself Unbiased In The Eyes Of The FTC.

Business owners will continue to distrust the Yelp model because no matter how hard they try, they will continue to get poor reviews.


Sharing The Best Christmas Gift Ever! Pass it on.

This is a personal story from Alvin Cordeiro, the founder of Predict-it.


Google Updates...Would the SEO/SEM Industry Exist Without them?

This article is meant to open a discussion about Google's constant updates and seeks the opinions of those who are most affected them.


Better Than 5-Star Reviews 

A discussion about why the 5-star rating and review system is out-dated for today's tech-savvy time constrained shoppers.


Review Sites Out-Perform Google
SEO is only a small part of generating local business online. Local businesses benefit greatly from managing their online reviews.


Personalized Content - The Advertiser's Dream is a Consumers Nightmare

This article discusses the current and potencial impact personalization of advertising has on consumers. It was originally publishes in July 2013, some of its projections have already come to fruition